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The Cornell Nutrient Analysis Laboratory (CNAL) provides a wide-range of  research quality analyses for environmental and biological samples using state-of-the-art analytical equipment and techniques.

Our clientele includes researchers, Extension educators, state and federal agencies, crop consultants, farmers, home gardeners, and others throughout New York, across the nation, and around the world.

Throughout the year, CNAL shares our work with stakeholders at commodity meetings, national conferences, and through our website. We also offer educational opportunities for students, and host numerous tours of our facilities.

CNAL is committed to the ongoing development of innovative analytical tools and methodologies. CNAL partners with the public and private sectors to research and develop new tests.  We have the capacity to analyze diverse types of environmental and biological samples. For example, we provide analytical services to the food and beverage industry, biotechnology firms, and aquaculture companies. Please contact us at soiltest@ to learn more

CNAL does not provide fertilizer recommendations. Clients who want fertilizer recommendations based on Cornell University research should contact AgroOne.

Cornell Soil Health Laboratory: Are you looking for Individual Soil Health Analyses or for The Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health (CASH)? Clients seeking this service should contact The Cornell Soil Health Laboratory

NOTE: The Cornell Nutrient Analysis Laboratory is not certified by the NYS Department of Health. Therefore results cannot be used for legal purposes.




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